So, you want to know a little more about

Little Hands, Big Hearts? 


Our organization is geared especially towards primary aged children between the ages of 3-9. Additionally, we have begun  training and developing our first Jr. Leaders, youth between ages 10-15. As a family-friendly organization, anyone wanting to join us  will always be welcomed.​


Please note: As a child-centered organization, adults desiring to volunteer are subject to background check.


Serve Day Reminders


All Serve Day volunteers must RSVP; the last date of RSVP is 5 days prior to the event.

We have specific dress codes for each Serve Day to distinguish our volunteers from others; this is a safety measure. When you RSVP,

you're given the dress code. All volunteers

are required to be in uniform; again, this is for safety measures. 

If any paperwork for service hours must be completed, make sure all paperwork is present on the day of service. 

If there are extenuating circumstances, please email to let us know.

Additionally, please note that scheduled events are subject to change. This is why we strongly encourage RSVP'ing; we want to be able to update everyone who participates on any last minute changes.


As always, the best ways to know where we are and what we're doing are through email, our website, and on social media (@littlepeopleserving on

Facebook and Instagram).