Exploring College Options: The Benefits of Community College

Join us this month, 4/28/22 at 7:00pm, for a conversation about exploring community college as a viable post-secondary option for the little people in your life. While you’re at it, share with the not-so-little people in your life also; lots of people are returning or want to return to school to achieve their post-secondary goals too. It’s never too late, mom and dad!   

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Exploring Childhood Trauma
In May, Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ll be exploring childhood trauma with our special guest, Jennifer Bradstreet, LCSW, interim executive director of Hope Street, Inc., organization dedicated to building a trauma-informed Jacksonville. Join us for a candid and honest conversation the causal factors, symptoms, and supports for childhood trauma on Thursday, 5/19/22 at 7:00pm.

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Face it: College is a goal for so many of our little people and their families but skyrocketing costs make it seem impossible to achieve the desired end. If you’re wondering how to make your little one’s college dreams a reality, tune in for our next segment, “Exploring College Options: The Benefits of Community College” with guest speaker, Amanda Jordan, MA.