Serve Days, Projects, & Upcoming Events

Donation Items: 

•ponchos •undergarments (tees, underwear, socks for men/women)

•snack food items

•non-perishable food items (no canned goods)     

•battery operated flashlights     

•gallon ziplock bags •drawstring backpacks 

You’re invited to #ServeSafe with us! Here’s info on our September Serve Day/Service Project...a serving 2-for-1! From now until 9/8/20, we’re collecting homeless hurricane preparedness items. Thereafter, homeless hurricane preparedness kits will be assembled with all donated items and taken to the Clara White Mission on 9/10/20. Items requested are on our Amazon Wishlist, attached in list form, and in our “Updates w/Ms. Nikki” video. Additionally, we’d love to get local businesses involved in collecting specific items for this drive by providing you with info and needed materials on “The Suitcase Project”, an original initiative of LHBH designed to get others involved in serving, even if it’s from a distance. Email us for more info at LittlePeopleServing@gmail.com


Please help us spread the word, consider making a donation or collecting items on your job/church/community, and SHARE/SHARE/SHARE with family and friends! Contact us if you have any questions or need more info 📧: LittlePeopleServing@gmail.com or by phone at (904) 990-7671

Here’s the exciting news..

LHBH was awarded a $1000 grant by COMMNUITY HEROES. This is such an exciting time for us as an organization because so many wonderful things are happening. 


SEE THE ANNOUNCEMENT HERE  https://communityheroes.us/the-heroes-award/


Thanks to this wonderful organization for having eyes to see the value in how we serve. 

*Feel free to share our great news with your family and friends. 

Make plans to tune in for every segment of our Little Leaders Career Exploration Series starting 9/22/20 at 7:00pm as we learn about EDUCATION!  It’s going to be good, promise. 


Do us a BIG favor-hit the SHARE button to get this circulating and tag a friend with little people in their lives to let them know you’d love for them to join us next month. Thanks in advance! 

Segment1:Education!!! Join us on FB Live on 9/22/20 at 7:00pm

Here are a few little people friendly tips for handling thoughts and feelings during this time. Thanks to Ms. Nikki's friend, Mrs. Jenny of Grace House Counseling (Jax, FL), for providing us with such practical mental and emotional health supports.  

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