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Who can join LHBH or participate in LHBH


Although our focus age is primary-aged children (ages 3-9), we provide opportunities for the entire family because we understand those little people go back into families. As an organization that serves children, we require background checks for adults wanting to consistently serve with us. 

How can I make a donation?

Donations can be made through the LHBH website under the "donation" tab, through the GiveButter platform, CashApp ($LittlePeopleServing), or via PayPal using the email Additionally, sponsorship of a child for any activities or programs hosted by LHBH can be done through those methods, as well.

How does LHBH serve the community?

LHBH actively engages the community in several ways. On a monthly basis (unless otherwise stated), LHBH serves the homeless and transient of our city through giveaways of various items which include but are not limited to socks, shoes, undergarments, toiletries, suitcases/rolling luggage, and snacks. LHBH hosts virtual informational sessions for families on topics that impact children, which are available on the website and on YouTube (search: @LittlePeopleServing). LHBH provides early exploration of post-secondary options by exploring all post-secondary options through tours. LHBH offers the Career Exploration Series, which invites local and national field experts of various professions to share about their career paths and how to pursue their particular careers. LHBH offers training for participating/registered children in our cohorts on Trust-Based Relational Intervention (or TBRI). 
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