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From a Kid to Kid: Elim School; Cap Haitien, Haiti

We’re collecting items for our first international service project for the year, “From a Kid To a Kid” Necessities Drive!

We’re partnering with BreatheOne International to collect items that support the children and families of the Elim School in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

Now through May 1, 2022, we’ll be collecting any of the following items or monetary donations to purchase them: children’s clothes (boys/girls, all sizes), children’s shoes (boys/girls, all sizes), children’s undergarments (boys/girls; underwear, bras, tees, socks). It’s a great time to pull out those clothing items your little one(s) can no longer wear and sit it aside for to support a little one who can wear it and would benefit from the generosity.

Clean, gently-used (and we do mean CLEAN and GENTLY …we’re not collecting junk or giving it; that’s just not what generosity is) items are welcomed. To arrange drop off or get more info, call/text (904) 990-7671 or email Items collected will be shipped over summer.

We’re super excited to partner and support the excellent work being done with little (and not so little) people in Haiti. We hope you’ll join us in investing in the future of this nation.

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